About Competence Card

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There is a lack of information about the talents, knowledge, skills and professional backgrounds of refugees. Typically they do not possess diploma’s from recognized institutions. As such, it is difficult for them to document and convey their human capital. Subsequently, this puts a damper on their integration process and hinders refugees in finding appropriate work and schooling. To alleviate these circumstances we have designed the Competence Card.

The Competence Card offers refugees the opportunity to document and present a complete overview of their (digital) competences, drivers, ambitions, personality and dream job. The Competence Card guides refugees through each of these dimensions step-by-step in a intuitive and user friendly manner. The Competence Card is designed and structured in such a manner that matching with appropriate jobs and schooling is made incredibly easy.

Competence Card is a joint initiative of labour market professor Ton Wilthagen (ReflecT, Tilburg University), Meurs HRM, Lievens HRI and the Tilburg municipality. These parties share the vision that the talents of refugees should be documented as soon as possible, to optimize their integration process.

The Competence Card is currently being tested among 400 refugees in The Netherlands.

For more information, please contact Ronald Lievens through info@lievenshri.nl or Ton Wilthagen through Wilthagen@uvt.nl


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